Coldwater Patterns

Trout and steelhead patterns categorized by insect order.  Streamers, scuds and sowbugs to boot.

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Warmwater Patterns

Patterns grouped by target species, from slasher pike to slab bluegill.

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Contest Patterns

Coming soon, a guide to our past, present and future contests.


The Skinny

You’re here because you dream in grizzly.  Because the squirrels in your neighborhood go around tail-less or not at all.  You pluck marabou out of your morning coffee, schlappen out of your evening beer. You know a bit too much about the glands in the butt of a duck.

Welcome, fly tier.

Here at Swallow the Fly you’ll find friends, feathers and, we hope, enough new tying ideas to keep you busy at the vise for some time to come.  We’re still in the very early stages of assembling our forces, but we invite you to browse our coldwater, warmwater and saltwater fly pattern databases--still just frye, but soon to smolt.  In addition you can expect articles on materials and techniques, trip reports, book reviews, profiles, fly-tying contests and whatever else we may dream up.

If you’ve got a suggestion for a feature you’d like to see on the site or would like to become a contributor, drop us a line at  We’ve got a lot of exciting, novel projects in the works and are looking for good writers, tiers and photographers to help build our content up, out and away.

Yours in hide and hackle,

The STF Team

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